#boundaryless thinking

Boundaryless Thinking (BLT) amplifies human ability to connect the dots

BLT is a mindset made practical through FRIES framework, stories and digital platform

What is BLT?

BLT is a mindset to create impact across idea to Outcome valuestream

BLT Model

A framework which blends proven practices, stories and digital platform

BLT in action

BLT continues to make an impact to address diverse set of problem areas

What is BLT?

Our experience and research have time and again indicated that the true innovations happens when ideas outside own's domain are borrowed and adopted. We firmly believe to be truly differentiating and innovative, one needs to master the capability to think beyond the obvious. We call this BOUNDARYLESS THINKING(BLT), ability to think across domains and apply practices as part of ideation, strategy and problem solving.

Set of principles and beliefs that effective problem solving and true innovation happens when you start looking outside your own domain

It is just not an intellectual concept, but through its FRIES approach provides practical steps to follow as part of  day to day working/

BLT democratizes innovation by equipping you and empowering you to innovate

BLT helps you to truly think out of box and provides the hacks through curated stories to shape and deliver innovations with positive impact

Boundaryless Thinking (BLT) Model

BLT model acts as the overall reference model to show the different building blocks and how they come together to deliver outcomes.

BLT in action

Boundaryless Thinking (BLT) can be used in variety of scenarios where there is opportunity to define the problem and/or explore the solution.

Who can use it?

BLT scenarios

  • Business Leaders
  • Management team
  • Professionals
  • Not for profits
  • Government agencies
  • Business Management Educators
  • Innovation and Design consultants
  • Management consultants
    • Start ups
    • New business ideas
    • Product / Service design
    • Business model
    • Business capability design
    • Process improvements
    • Strategy and Business planning
    • Any problem solving

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