Co-Constructing innovation for Resilience

What happens when two global industry leaders join hands to solve a  problem ? One would expect that,

Veolia– the problem to be solved has to be complex and gigantic
– the solution has to be innovative.

That’s what has exactly happened when the large reinsurance companies SwissRe and one of the biggest environment solution providers Veolia join hands.

Resiliency as opportunity area

The two global players realized that in an event of natural disaster or catastrophe like floods,earthquake the cities /governments go through a painful process to assess the damage, seek funding, claim insurance and start the rebuild activities.

Cities which are exposed to high risks are taking up Resiliency seriously .(Resiliency of a city is the ability of all its stakeholders to survive,adapt ,recover and grow irrespective of any breakdown of its critical infrastructure and operations).
Working alongside the  global initiative to make the cities more Resilient, the two corporate giants have come together on a strategy called as ‘Co-Construction’.

As part of this partnership, Swiss Re and Veolia will work with cities to understand the risk exposure of critical assets under current and future climate scenarios. Based on these assessments, cities can develop resilience plans to lessen the risk of these assets being affected, and simultaneously reduce their risk exposure over time.

As part of this package is the ‘Resilience Insurance product’ from SwissRe and a ‘Infrastructure Recovery solution’ from Veolia.Veloia 2

In addition the commercial interests,it also provides a great opportunities for cities with high risk exposure to improve their preparedness and also think of effective resilience measures.

A great win-win model at a big scale.

Resonvate thought:
Partnership between two distinct entities helped to unearth a white space and create value in the market place.

I would like to ResonVate
with ideas on resiliency, creating value
which can be applied in partnership, alliance
in areas like Government,Retail & FMCG,Media & entertainment