#boundaryless thinking

Be curious, creative and connect the dots to resonate with things outside your own domain

We at Resonvate are passionate to learn, share and empower to make each one of you make a difference

Our Philosophy

We believe in empowering professionals and business to create positive impact

Our Story

It started with a desire to learn and it was when the seed was sown to something big


We are high impact team who are committed to make a difference

Our Philosophy

We shave some strong beliefs. Our philosophy is our raison d'etre and acts as guiding force for our products and offerings.

Inspiration everywhere and in everything

Be humble to learn outside your own domain

Amplify human's unique ability to connect the dots

Critical thinking is an art and science

Resonating with 'stories' is smart and action-oriented

Knowlege can be codified but not the expertise

Our Story

Unlike all other stories, it did not start with an idea, but the desire to learn what was happening in other domains as our founders were getting bored doing same things and feared we good complacent.
That was our first spark from which it caught on and continues to evolve as an exciting journey.

Jan 2015
Resonance Newsletter launched
June 2017
Digital stories platform established
Feb 2018
Global scout network formed
Sep 2018
Resonvate brand established
June 2019
FRIES workshop for corporates
July 2019
BLT engagements for start up, SMB and enterprises
July 2020
Digital Coaching offering developed
May 2021
PLOT launched

Our Team

We are a high impact team who bring together diverse set of skills and experience. Our leadership team has more than 30+ years collective experience in management consulting, CxO leadership, transformation and innovation. We have worked across multiple business domains from construction to cemetery,from start up to large enterprise and have earned our stripes ‘been there, done that’.

What sets us apart is our passion to  work across industries and help each of one of our client realize their outcomes. Through this we too learn and expand our boundaryless thinking abilities.

Our Global Scout Network

We have a global network of Boundaryless Thinkers who also are passionate BLT Scouts. Our scouts are present in more than 5 countries and their role is to contribute innovation stories, help in solving innovation challenges, and spread the word on Boundaryless Thinking.  It always helps to get a fresh perspective who sees the world differently and having them see that from different locations does gives us a global reach.

Our Partners

Boundaryless Thinking

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Voice of Customer

Head of Banking Products, Large APAC Bank Strategic planning method focused on business capabilities helped us to translate our vision for a new product to a clear program of work which got endorsement from the Board.
Head of Integration CoE, Large Australian Insurance Major Thinking about our goals and the capabilities proved us useful to define the CoE roadmap and communicate our value proposition to other technology leaders in the organization
Transformation Director, Australian Healthcare provider Digital is playing a key role in reshaping our industry. Understanding capabilities and business outcomes proved to be a great tool to wok with our healthcare professionals across our value chain.
Global Head - Talent & Culture, IT Services Talent and cuture strategy was pivotal for us to respond to challenges in the IT services business and evolve our ways of working. Using the PLOT's strategy framework we were able to define our functional plan with lot more clarity.
Head of Projects and PMO Our project delviery framework had enough guidance on idea and concept stages, howevever, using a more robust method to link the goals, capabilities, change activities and business case prove to be more easier for practitioners to define the case for change and mobilise for successssful delivery.