Agri-innovation: Reading body language to improve productivity

For diary business, improvement in productivity means more milk. One of the ways to improve throughput in milk is increasing the number of cows to produce milk. Cow breeding for ages has been an art mastered with skill and experience. Science in  the recent past has come a long way to support  the challenges in breeding of cows; a great example of that is the recent technology innovation in NewZealand  which is attracting global attention to address common problems seen around breeding of cows.

Solution concept overview

The Flashmate concept was developed by technology start-up company Farmshed Labs. Flashmate is a disposable heat detection device that lets farmers know when their cows are in heat and available for breeding. It reads cow body language and behavior and translates the signal through a flashing red light on a simple device placed on cow’s hair to indicate mating readiness.

How does Flashmate work?

Key takeaways

Key takeaways for other business from Flashmate:

  1. Technology augmentation– Innovative use of the technology to support the users (farmers) in real time for key problem
  2. Simple design – Visual design using flashing light to drive attention and trigger action
  3. Test and improve- Collaborative approach among farmers to collect data and improve the product

ResonVate Thought
Innovative technology which backed with science provides a smart ethical insight to improve cow breeding

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