Bead Game inspired from literature

A well-known book by the German-born Swiss writer Hermann Hesse ‘The Glass Bead Game’ has inspired  innovator Martins Jansons to come up with  Bead Game which is now getting more popular as it tries to bring together the digital world without losing the charm of playing a physical board game.
The novel that inspired modern game is final work by German author Hermann Hesse. Book was published in Switzerland in 1943 after being rejected for publication in Germany due to author’s anti-Fascist views. In 1946 author won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

ResonVate Thought
Ideas in literature and fiction inspires a new recreational board game.

I would like to ResonVate
with ideas on literature inspired creativity, fiction to reality
which can be applied in product design, military warfare, sports strategies
in areas like Manufacturing, Defence & Armed Forces,Sports etc.