Strategic Signals

Strategic Signals provide curated list of interesting, compelling, differentiating and innovative strategies followed by select businesses followed by Resonvate in different industry domains.

Ability to stay on the top of game and maintain position as market leader. Be wary of disruptive forces and continually refresh one’s competitive advantage.

Company: Zespri
Industry: Food (Kiwi Fruit)
Location: NZ (Headquarters), global presence
Spotted: NOV 2022
Key Signals:

  • Together with our commitment to purpose-led growth and sustainable production, has helped create a stronger emotional connection among consumers who are increasingly concerned about the values of the people behind the product, as well as the quality and provenance of the product itself.
  • Refreshed brand and added emphasis in purpose-led marketing in the coming years to continue to capture both volume and value growth and build a more meaningful connection with consumers around the world.
  • Move from functional to emotional marketing message for Brand consistency.