Brazil’s Sport Club Recife innovates organ donation

Brazil’s Sport Club Recife is known for having some of the most passionate fans in Brazil . They are passionate about life too. Even after death. 51,000 Recife fans have signed up to donate their organs after they die (more than the stadium capacity). The club has mobilised their passionate fans to do something really great: to save other people’s lives.

The club has created a new kind of fan – the immortal fan! Their hearts, eyes, lungs… could keep cheering for Sport Club Recife even after death. They have launched the First Football Organ Donor program and helps fans to sign up for organ donation. The initiative was so successful that the fans have helped to reduce the waiting list for heart transplant and corneo transplant to zero.

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Brailian footbal club  brings together the passionate fan to create a record in organ donation.

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