Brokering win-win deal with customers for saving power

Does influencing customer behavior and making them happy always come at a cost ? What if there is a solution that will improve customers experience, save the businesses some money and help better the environment ? If you are thinking it’s too good to be true , then read on..

Energy Australia is an Australian electricity generation and retail company. Recently the company collaborated with Jemena, an energy distribution company, in Melbourne Victoria to create a rewards-based program for their customers.

As part of the program, customers are rewarded with bill credits for saving electricity at peak load times. This in turn helps energy companies to remove strain on the electricity grid when needed the most and hence reduces upkeep costs for the network.

In Australian summer months, households can use three times more energy than usual during peak times, placing the electricity grid under pressure on extremely hot days. It is beneficial for the electricity suppliers to maintain the demand at an optimal level, without too many peak spikes, to ensure networks work with minimal disruption.

Demand side management (DSM) or Demand side Response (DSR) techniques were introduced in early 1980’s to tackle this problem and encourage the consumer to use less energy during peak hours, or to move the time of energy use to off-peak times such as night-time and weekends.
How it works?
Customers who sign up for the program receive an SMS when a peak load ‘event’ is taking place

    • The SMS includes the current usage and a ‘target’ which is customised as per the customer’s behaviour
    • Customers will get a near real time view of their usage and tips on reducing some of the load
    • Following each event, customers that reduced or met their ‘target’ will be rewarded will bill credits in their account

ResonVate Thought
Innovative program with right partners help all stakeholders in electricity value chain through power savings.

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