Celebrating imperfection for better cause

 IMPERFECT PICKS is a special category of Harris Farms , a food retailer.
Imperfect picks are seasonal range of fruit and vegetables that might not look perfect from the outside, but are as perfect as ever on the inside. IMPERFECT PICKS helps reduce the astonishing statistic that 25% of farmers crops currently never leave the farm gate simply because they are a bit ugly, and do not meet the visual specifications of some consumers and supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths in Australia.  IMPERFECT PICKS is a great story showcased in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s War on Waste.
It helps change customer behavior and help reduce significant food wastage.

ResonVate Thought
Celebrating imperfection in fruits and veges through a innovative food category that helps reduce food wastage.

I would like to ResonVate
with ideas on  changing behaviours, creating value, for the common good
which can be applied in  promoting renewables, eliminating waste
in areas like  Utilities, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare