Comics make boring legal contracts interesting

William Edwards Deming, the famous quality guru once said,”in God we trust, rest bring data”. Though most would agree with him there in one topic where I am happy to challenge him and make a claim without data to back up- ‘More than 98% of people never read the terms and conditions (T&C’s) when they sign up for a service online’.

Yes, because legal contracts and T&C’s is boring, complex and hard to understand. But it need not be always.

There is a big movement happening in legal profession where set of creative folks and legal professionals are coming together to create contracts and communicate through creative means like comics.

They are challenging the status quo and asking the questions –
is there room for images in contracts? Can they be made up of all images?

Few interesting examples,

1. Simple contract for fruit pickers who are illiterate

2. Fizzy explains flight insurance in simple way

3.The famous itunes comic novel
Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel has been published in a fully revised, color edition by @drawnandquarterly.  Here’s a page from that edition.

To read the original black and white Tumblr version from the beginning:

Also read the post on visual employee handbook.

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Creativity takes over to make legal contracts more useful and intuitive.

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