Corporate titles with a twist : Rise of T-Shaped CXO

Everyone in corporate world likes to have rich and fancy titles, however, there are corporations who take the business of crafting titles quite seriously with a reason. On face value, one can dismiss new titles as, ‘different but same’, however, little research will show certain titles are constructed with purpose and care. It also indicates the increasing trend on how  T-Shaped skills are the need of the hour even at the CxO level.
Let’s look at three interesting titles:

Chief Purpose Officer
Interprid group, the world’s largest adventure travel company, few years ago,has announced a new role on its global executive team: Chief Purpose Officer (CPO).The role of the CPO is to balance profits with purpose and ensure Interprid remains as a responsible business.
The ‘purpose’ for this role is used in two different contexts in these roles – business value alignment (alignment of brand, products, teams, culture, values) and driving social change.
The role of CPO is getting popular in different industries like financial services, consulting,

Chief Story Teller
Made popular by the technology companies, this role where aspects of of marketing, advertising, brand management, public relations and sales meet. The key responsibilities of the role is to tell ‘people’ stories moving the focus away from the products and services of the companies.
The role is gaining prominence and creating a new field of interest. In technology world, Steve Jobs still is considered as the best story teller.

Chief Happiness Officer
This title is more than a role, it is shaping to movement of sorts with employee happiness as a core theme. The role blends aspects of human resources, personal wellness, psychology, empathy to set up and sustain a happy workplace It takes an employees first approach to business.
An interesting blog on the Chief Happiness Officer by Alexander Kjerulf who is a evangelist in this space.

Who said one cannot innovate with titles?

ResonVate Thought

Innovation in ‘corporate titles’ is more than a namesake act.

I would like to ResonVate
with ideas on people in the forefront
which can be applied in crafting new roles, empowering role definitions
in areas like across industries