COWfunding : Fairebel’s innovation from Belgium

Fairebel is a milk co-operative society started in Belgium in 2009 with more than 500 farms as its members.The main goal under which Fairebel was started was to operate diary business in a fair way ensuring all the stakeholders in the diary chain are paid properly. It focused on farmers getting fair share unlike traditional diary distribution model where the bulk of profits went to distributors or the brands selling the milk.

COWfunding : Another form of CrowdfundingFairebel

One of the successful initiative launched by Fairebel is the COWfunding model. In this model any  end consumer can buy Fairebel share called Share B for an amount ranging between 50- 5000 Euros. At the end of financial year, the shareholders are then rewarded with dividends in form of Fairebel vouchers which can be exchanged for Fairebel products.

This scheme has been hugely successful and has also been awarded as one of the best innovations in the World Diary events.

Resonvate thought:

Belgium’s diary company uses crowdfunding in a unique way and finds success through ‘CowFunding’.

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