Customer Delight in Digital Age

Digital is the new norm for any business.Innovation fueled by digital solutions has disrupted several industries and continues to redefine the way customer is engaged is world dominated by smart devices.
Banks are always in the forefront of digital innovations and are stepping up to offer services to delight the customers with a ‘wow’ factor.As Kano model explains,today’s ‘wow’ factor is tomorrow’s basic need and today’s basic need becomes tomorrow’s explicit need.
The following three innovative services from different banks is a good example to illustrate the above point.

1.Federal Bank in India has launched a new service toFed Selfie allow anyone to open a Zero value Savings account with minimum identification.The product called FedSELFIE has made the account opening a hassle free and simple experience.

2.Suncorp bank in Australia has launched a new product to address a common problem that many of us face ! Yes, splitting the bills after a dinner or film with friends. Bill Splitter
The product called Billsplitter divides the bills and sends texts to anyone in phone contact list with a reference number and link to make the payment.It also sends remainders saving one from having the awkward conversation with a friend.

3.ICICI bank in India provides an effective service to allow non-resident Indians to convICICI Bank NRIert their Indian account to Non-Resident Account.The whole service is provided free for anyone living abroad. Just a missed call to a number is sufficient.An agent contacts the person living abroad,provides guidance and arranges free courier pick up of documents with an end-to-end lead time of less than 10 days to open / convert an account.

Resonvate thought

Banks across the world are now obsessed with simplification of processes to delight customers.

I would like to ResonVate
with ideas on simplicity, staying competitive, customer journey management
which can be applied in customer acquisition and retention management
in areas like Telecom, Utilities, Transportation


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