Danish way to Healthcare innovation

Denmark consistently ranks in the Top 10 list of  countries with most happy people and their Healthcare system is one integral part in making that happen.

Denmark has been a leader in Healthcare innovation and the results they have achieved is a proof to their success.

Key Results

  • Among the EU nations,Denmark has the lowest number of hospital stay for patients at an average of 4.5 days
  • Denmark has consistently increased the hospital productivity while decreasing the overall health expenditure

Key Practices

Danish Healthcare

Watch this amazing video to know on ‘Innovative Hospital Solutions in Denmark’.

Resonvate Thought:

The practice of making GPs highly effective can provide valuable lessons for industries like IT Support, Hospitality,Retail some valuable lessons on how to make the first line of contact with customer highly effective. Integrating and making data effective for use is more easily said than done.Denmark’s integrated IT has lot to teach for business irrespective of industries.

Partnership between two distinct entities helped to unearth a white space and create value in the market place.

I would like to ResonVate
with ideas on customer journey management, creating value
which can be applied in customer service, data & analytics
in areas like Technology, Financial services