Design thinking in US Army

Design thinking is the new buzz word going around industries.Simply described it is a problem solving or innovation approach to design solutions or products integrating the principles of human centered design to conventional methods.

US Army has taken up the concepts of design thinking and integrate into your core operations process using the Army Design Methodology(ADM).If interested read the  full ADM manual here.US Army - Army Design Methodology-Revised

Resonvate Thought:

Other unconventional   industries like heavy engineering,drug discovery,betting etc. can take inspiration from the way US Army have integrated the Design thinking as part of their day to day operations process.

Resonvate thought

US Army uses design thinking principles for its military strategy and operations.

I would like to ResonVate
with ideas on service design, staying competitive
which can be applied in heavy engineering, betting, drug discovery
in areas like Manufacturing, Healthcare & Lifesciences, Sports



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