Elevating performance through elevator innovations

We all know how elevators are quintessential feature of our day to day lives. Beyond their functional use, the innovations developed by elevator industry can act as a true inspiration to many other disciplines.
It is estimated that typically 40% of energy in the world is consumed by buildings and the elevators account for 10% of that energy consumption.
Elevators have come a long way from their earlier avatars of being slow, getting stuck between floors to becoming really smart.


Three core innovations that characterize the smart elevators are:

1. Dynamic dispatch

Smart elevators are designed to transform the simple act of traveling between floors. Instead of pushing a button to go up or down, passengers first select the floor they want before entering the elevator. Then they are directed to the elevator that will take them to their destination with the fewest number of stops. Algorithms that are used to facilitate this are targeted towards lesser waiting time, quicker travel time and better energy efficiency.

2. Net zero elevators
Smart elevators use effective controls to optimise power during non-usage. In certain cases, the elevators are connected to solar source to make them power neutral

3. Predictive maintenance
Given the criticality and cost involved in elevators maintenance, the advances in Internet of things (IoT) has made smart elevators a classic use case for predictive maintenance








Mind map on the Smart elevators innovations

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ResonVate thought
Innovation in elevator technology provide interesting ideas for multiple disciplines.

I would like to ResonVate
with ideas on crowd control, space optimization
which can be applied in traffic management, service availability
in areas like Manufacturing, Retail & FMCG, Technology