Finland Short Sea Shipping Innovation

Short sea shipping is one of the key challenges that face the shipping industry due to the complexity in meeting quick transportation time,varying customer demand, cost of operations and associated inefficiencies.

A quick look at the Finnish Shipping industry gives us a interesting perspective.Some of the key measures of performance for Finnish Shipping in the last few years have been :

  • Ships¬† spend 40% of time in ports loading and unloading
  • Ships sail 40 % of time sailing without cargosFinnish Shipping
  • Huge level of emissions created from empty sailing
  • 16-18 actors involved in one consignment

These measures are true for shipping industries across the globe.

Finland has taken the lead to solve this problem and has been pioneering innovations in Short Sea Shipping.

Why Finland ?

80% of logistics is executed by sea and hence the need for innovating to remain competitive was of parmount importance for the Finland Shipping industry.

Finland Shipping Innovation

Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster (FIMECC) along with group of shipping companies came up with a integrated Shopping Shipping platform and defined approaches for new business model enabled by a effective technology platform.

The summary of key innovations :

Finnish Short Sea Innovation
Resonvate thought:
Finland shipping industry reinvents itself through a shared services model

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