#prepare for future

FMO empowers you to build your business plan and operating model

Future Mode of Operations (FMO) digital coaching and enablement program equips you to learn, practice and craft your own business plan and operating model

Value Proposition

FMO Coaching helps to build competency on strategy planning and execution

Use Cases

FMO Coaching caters different business segments - startups to enterprises


FMO Coaching enables key personas to put their learning to action

Our Value Proposition

Structured methodology codified in digital platform powered by boundaryless thinking

Proven framework

Best practice framework adopted in more than 100+ client engagements

Teach you to fish

Well laid down program structure to equip you to perform than just 'learn & forget'

Personalised coaching

Learn and bounce-off ideas with trusted and experienced business management coaches

Bring your own problem (BYO)

Use real life business problem to solve as your learn key concepts

Digitial Platform

Easy to use online digital platform to support your learning journey

Boundaryless Thinking

Embedding boundaryless thinking to differentiate in thinking and execution

Use cases

FMO Coaching caters to different business segments and can be adopted to four broad scenarios


FMO Coaching program is built to benefit different type of personas

Head of Business Function/ Managers

Business Owner/ Startup Founder

Business Management Trainer/ Educator


  • Competency to lead team to systematically step-back from the business to re-set and plan next 1-3 years in a more top-down manner
  • Understand how to take a longitudinal view in planning, designing and implementing changes that grow Business Capability
  • FMO gives you a simple framework to design your operating model and accelerate your business
  • Foundation to utilise proven ways of working to not re-invent the wheel and leverage proven capabilities
  • Develop strategic and critical thinking skills
  • Strategy to Execution competency building that is practical and systematic blending soft and hard skills
  • Ability to use proven framework used successfully across multiple industries
  • Integrate to your own curriculum
  • Ability to leverage proven framework used in multiple client engagements
  • Support from world class consultants and coach
  • Step -by-step method to adopt in your client engagements
  • Demonstrate leadership in front of client

Voice of Customer

Head of Banking Products, Large APAC Bank Strategic planning method focused on business capabilities helped us to translate our vision for a new product to a clear program of work which got endorsement from the Board.
Head of Integration CoE, Large Australian Insurance Major Thinking about our goals and the capabilities proved us useful to define the CoE roadmap and communicate our value proposition to other technology leaders in the organization
Transformation Director, Australian Healthcare provider Digital is playing a key role in reshaping our industry. Understanding capabilities and business outcomes proved to be a great tool to wok with our healthcare professionals across our value chain.
Global Head - Talent & Culture, IT Services Talent and cuture strategy was pivotal for us to respond to challenges in the IT services business and evolve our ways of working. Using the PLOT's strategy framework we were able to define our functional plan with lot more clarity.
Head of Projects and PMO Our project delviery framework had enough guidance on idea and concept stages, howevever, using a more robust method to link the goals, capabilities, change activities and business case prove to be more easier for practitioners to define the case for change and mobilise for successssful delivery.

What do you lose without FMO?

You believe talking or thinking strategy is waste of time and you are better off managing with your gut feel

You believe external advice from a ‘renowned’ authority (external consultant) is what you need

You over emphasize on execution and going with the flow and love to solve problems as they come rather than planning ahead with finesse

You don’t have time or are not interested to invest time to understand your business capabilities

Our Partner

Kiwings is a digital learning solution provider who take pride in making any subject matter learnable and are focused on providing innovation learning solutions