Genetics inspired by Austrian monk and peas

You might have always wondered as to why only of your siblings had a sharp nose or wide ears? The answer to your question can be answered if you understand certain
principles of heredity.

The field of genetics has come a long way over the last decade or so. Business model and innovations in finding about one’s ancestry has picked up across several western countries. However, what is really interesting to note is the fact that one the advances in genetics have been inspired by a Austrian monk named Gregor Mendel.

Mendel, revered as the father of genetics, crossed edible pea plants with specific characteristics and from the statistical distribution of the traits of offspring proposed a model of inheritance that we still use.
He is credited with the theories of dominance and recessive genes which is now extensively used in DNA studies.

If you are interested in Gregor Mendel’s work ,

Another classic ResonVate story on how innovations in one field has been inspired by totally unrelated source outside its core domain.

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Austrian monk’s experiment with pea plants inspires advances in field of genetics.

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