Small idea or a big strategy - we get you moving

We understand what it takes to translate ideas to outcomes and our offerings are curated to deliver on your needs

Ways of working

We are agile, easy to work and adapt to your culture

Key Offerings

Our offerings can be tailored to suit your specific asks


Our products provide us the ability to cater to global market

Ways of Working

Our prime focus is to deliver value to our clients and we look at every engagement as means to long term relationship.

Work method

Well laid down execution methods and plan agreed upfront with our clients

Be Bold

Be don't shy away from sharing our unique point of view or constructively challenging the status quo

Being agile

We value short sprints, quick feedback, and regular check-in with our client teams

One Team

We work as 'one team' and will make our best effort to align to your culture and practices

Digitial Savvy

We complement our delivery with appropriate usage of our digital platform.(beyond PPTs!)

Deliver what matters

We value time and will ensure we are clear on your needs to deliver what really matters

Key Offerings

We have four key offerings which can be tailored to your specific needs

Strategy Boost

Digital Coaching and Enablement

BLT Insights

i2O services

Consulting on strategy (business, functional, digital), operating model, business plan

Products we leverage

Typical offering includes
Management consulting
Subscription to PLOT


Coaching and enablement on strategy, operating model and business planning

Products we leverage

Typical offering includes
Digital Learning
Virtual Coaching

Insights, Executive papers, briefings and insights on cross-industry innovations

Products we leverage
FRIES, BLT Stories

Typical offering includes
BLT Storybooks
Access to stories portal
Briefing sessions
Subscription to BLT Stories, FRIES

Transformation planning, Program management, Implementation design and execution support

Products we leverage
PLOT, FRIES,  i2O plugins

Typical offering includes
Management consulting
Business Analysis
Program management
Subscription to PLOT

Our Products

We have digitized our frameworks and experience and made it available in 'as-a-service' model.

Plot is a digital planning platform that enables you to translate your ideas to outcomes. With configurable canvases that adapt to a number of planning scenarios, for example Business Transformation, Business Planning, Program Mobilisation and Technology Solution Alignment PLOT creates a systematic step-by-step linkage from the Strategy and Goals, through Capability Design, Program, Project and Feature shaping to a roadmap to illustrate completion of the journey.

FMO Coaching is a digital learning solution that is integral part of our FMO digital coaching and enablement offering. It comprises of six modules with a workflow to connect with coach to make a learning experience more practical and hands-on.

FRIES is a digital cloud solution which codifies the FRIES approach (Frame, Refine, Ideate, Evolve, Shape-Up) into a simple and intuitive workflow powered with boundaryless thinking stories. The solution is leveraged as part of innovation training, workshops and in organizations as a platform for innovative problem solving.

i2O (idea to Outcome) plug-ins provide additional capabilities which cane be used in conjunction with PLOT or on its own. The key i20 plug-ins include – Benefits planning and realisation, OKR Hub (Objectives & Key Results), Business Capability Library, Business KPI Catalog.

Voice of Customer

Head of Banking Products, Large APAC Bank Strategic planning method focused on business capabilities helped us to translate our vision for a new product to a clear program of work and obtain endorsement from the Board.
Head of Integration CoE, Large Australian Insurance Major Thinking about our goals and the capabilities proved us useful to define the CoE roadmap and communicate our value proposition to other technology leaders in the organization
Transformation Director, Australian Healthcare provider Digital is playing a key role in reshaping our industry. Understanding capabilities and business outcomes proved to be a great tool to wok with healthcare professionals across our value chain.
Global Head - Talent & Culture, IT Services Talent and cuture strategy was pivotal for us to respond to challenges in the IT services business and evolve our ways of working. Using the strategy framework we were able to define our functional plan with lot more clarity.
Head of Projects and PMO Our project delivery framework had enough guidance on idea and concept stages, howevever, using a more robust method to link the goals, capabilities, change activities and business case prove to be more easier for practitioners to define the case for change and mobilise for successssful delivery.