IKEA solves a common customer problem of bill retention

IKEA, the famous Sweden born furniture retailer is globally renowned for their innovation in design, products, concept selling and  packaging. They have taken one more step to solve one of the common problems which customers face – retaining the bills of purchase.

IKEA now sends a soft copy of the bill to its customers and stores it in its database removing the hassle for its customers to retain the bills for exchange, warranty, repair etc. Single view of customer in its true sense.

Based on the purchase history, it then recommends products that might be of interest to its customers. All it asks is to sign up to be a IKEA family member for free.

Several retailers are trying to now do follow this good practice and in days to come it should become a standard for retail purchase and billing across product segments including supermarket groceries.
With technology now available through cloud computing, this simple process enablement speaks a lot about how IKEA cares about its customers.

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IKEA digitizes and stores the bills for customers thereby simplifying the process of bill retention.

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