Innovations in skill development

It is not just the private organizations who are taking skill development seriously. Several leading countries who are abreast with the disruptive business models and  proliferation of technology across the business are taking skill development seriously to improve the overall productivity with an aim to remain competitive in the global market place.

To address the need for skill development, some of the interesting initiatives are as follows:

Singapore : Pays Citizen to develop skills

Singapore as part of their ‘Skills Future’ program have launched an initiative called ‘Skills Future Credit’.SkillsFuture Credit aims to encourage individual ownership of skills development and lifelong learning. All Singaporeans aged 25 and above will receive an opening credit of S$5000 every year which they can use to build their skills by enorling in programs approved by the Singapore agencies.Skills across basic trade to advanced digital technologies have been identified as core skills for citizens and primarily focused on mid-career workforce.Skills Future

Saudi Arabia : Leverage MOOC to improve English Proficiency

Saudi Arabia has realized the importance on English Proficiency and has set up arrangement with British Council and enouraging citizens to learn English through the Massive Open Online Course(MOOC) channel. British Council has reported huge success with nearly 150,000 members signing up since 2015.Saudi English

Australia : Focus on STEM

As the mining boom comes to an end, Australia has realized the importance of upskilling its education system and is focusing on Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) to remain competitive in the global economy.Government has launched series of innovative initiatives to improve STEM competencies across the country.

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Government initiatives  from Saudi Arabia,Singapore and Australia gives a glimpse of diverse approach to skill development

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