Italy Mafia : Methods behind murky deals !

Both are five letter words and they have become synonymous with each other ! Yes , Italy and Mafia have become inseparable . Mafia in Italy has a rich history and are an integral part of Italian economy. ( See : Mafia Empire Statistics ) .

Though the activities they carry out is illegal and unethical , the way in which they manage this industry of organized crime makes a interesting analysis .

Interesting management perspectives

1.Quick Decision Making
Mafia members are taught and expected to take quick decisions. Ability to take risks , conviction and financial acumen are key traits of big mafia bosses. Quick wise decision makers have had long run in the industry.
2.Team work
Every junior member works under a senior pro and learns the trick of trade in real time. Also leveraging each other’s core competency and expanding business globally has been one of the greatest strengths.US mafia is said to have groomed under the mentorship of Italian mafia.
3.“Mafia offer”- Marketing technique
Marketing offer , which is compelling that the opposite party  cannot  refuse . Tactic used in mafia negotiations as at times it is a matter of life and death. Popularized by Dr.Eli Goldratt in his book ‘It’s not luck’.
Entire Italian mafia is family owned business. There is great emphasis on building the right team . Trust is nurtured within and outside teams which helps them to accomplish some very serious crimes.
5.Social Responsibility
Mafia invests in responsible business like agriculture, factories and helps to generate lot of employment . One of the latest business investment in the area of waste disposal and such groups have earned the name ‘Ecomafia’
Note: This story is only intended to highlight some interesting practices adopted by Italian mafia. It is not intended to endorse the activities carried out by Mafia !

ResonVate Thought
Italy mafia which has a global reputation for notorious activities follows some interesting management practices. Some methods behind madness.

I would like to ResonVate
with ideas on  working as team, managing a organization, self management
which can be applied in team formation,  promoting culture at workplace
in areas like  Human resources, Project Management, Relationship Management