Kairos : Ancient Greek lessons for persuasion

Ancient Greek literature and customs has lot to teach us about effective communication . In our personal and professional lives, there are many events where even the right messages which we wanted to convey backfires due to wrong timing. The Greeks call this as Kairos.

Kairos towel-reuserefers to the timing for an argument ; it means communicating at the right moment capitalizing on the right opportunity.

A good example of Kairos moment is the messages on green living presented by few  hotels to reuse the towels at the point of use. Also the personalised and contextualised messaging presented by the likes of  Youtube,Google and Facebook have all mastered the art of  Kairos.

Next time if you want to send a letter asking for vacation leave or want to pitch a new idea to your boss, find the right moment !

Resonvate Thought:

Don’t dismiss history as boring ! You will find pearls of wisdom everywhere in hsitory




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