M-Changa : Mobile innovation for social commerce

Africa has always been in forefront when it comes to innovating using mobile services.M-Pesa, the mobile money transfer service started launched few years ago was a such great success story that several innovations have been built levering M-Pesa platform.

One such interesting service is M-Changa which uses the mobile technologies to popularize  the ancient practice of Kuchanga ( Swahili word which means ‘to create or assemble’). In developing countries there is never shortage of good samaritans either  who want to get together to take up a social welfare project or for donors who are always looking for the right avenues to support the needy. There is always this challenge for getting the two groups connected.M-Changa

M-Changa addresses this gap by helping  a project team or not for profit organization raise more funds, from more people, in a fast, efficient and transparent way.It provides a secure platform allowing unlimited number of supporters to support fundraising initiatives using the prevalent mobile money transfer service provided by M-Pesa,Airtel Money etc. The business model is based on a small percentage shared as fee on the total collected money.


Resonvate thought

M-Changa uses digital medium to crowdsource funds for welfare projects.

I would like to ResonVate
with ideas on crowdsourcing, creating value
which can be applied in improving literacy, better healthcare, match making
in areas like Education, Healthcare & Life sciences



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