Myanmar’s Design Thinking Center for economic empowerment

Leading global organizations are all investing heavily to embed Design Thinking as part of their core eCAT Mapxecution strategy.  Myanmar which is getting back to democracy after 50 years of military rule realizes that it has lot of work to do to build a strong economy and create a situation where the young people no more move to other countries for jobs.

Realizing the potential and the benefits delivered by Design Thinking, Myanmar is supporting the policy makers, activists and change agents to adopt newer techniques to bring about the change.

Design Thinking Center

Myanmar has thus created The Design-Thinking Center for Community Engagement with support from  by pointB, frog design, the Myanmar Ministry of Education,Mawlamyine University and local civil society organizations.

Mynamar Design Thinking

One of the valuable asset from the program is the Collective Action Toolkit from Frog Design which provides a summary of effective Design Thinking techniques that can be used by anyone interested.

Short video on the initiative :

Resonvate thought:

Application of corporate thinking and adopting corporate practices can only do a great deal of good to  government initiatives, social and community programs.

Public private partnership in Mynamar uses Design thinking as a strategic tool for community engagement and welfare.

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