Nature vs Nurture : Does theory of Tabula Rasa hold good ?

Every ambitious person wants to achieve something in the world and make their mark.However does everyone possess the required talent to achieve their goals? ThiNature vs Nurture - Sportss question has always been a subject of interest to philosophers over generations and leads us to the interesting debate about, ‘Nature vs. Nurture’.

For example ,what makes  West Africans excel in sprints while East Africans excel in endurance running ? 

This brings in the dilemma – is genes /natural instinct  reasons for success (Nature) or is every born equal and the training /nurturing that makes the difference (Nurture) . Some of the interesting perspectives on this topic is summarized in the mindmap below.

Nature Vs NurtureAs ever such topics cannot have a clear conclusion.Can they ? 

Resonvate Thought:

The debate on ‘Nature vs Nurture’, can provide great insights for personal coaching,executive coaching,change management,motivation and seekers of freedom from compulsions like drinking,smoking,racing and gambling !


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