Nature’s innovations for nature’s problems

Humankind has been smart enough to find innovative solutions by at times converting the source of the problem itself as the inspiration for  solution. It is very true when it comes to leveraging the way nature has designed the animal lifecyle – where  the inherent traits of one set of animals is used to solve the problems created by another set of animals.

Two such stories which has got attention in recent times :

Australian island killer Dingo dogs to protect land from feral goats

A Queensland council in central Australia is releasing dingoes onto a Great Barrier Reef island to kDingo Dogill feral goats that are destroying its endangered ecosystem.The goats have literally taken out all the understory species of vegetation and that has allowed all the soils to be exposed and to be washed away and trampled down the mountain by goats. Interestingly dogs handpicked and trained for the jobs are fitted with radio tags to be identified and gunned by the government officials once they have done their assigned task to hunt down the goats. The shooting of dogs is done to avoid they in turn becoming a menace to the island. It has been estimated 4 dogs can kill approximately 400 goats.

Israeli BioBee solutions to manage pests

Israeli company BioBee Biological Systems has developed an innovative solution thatBioBee uses ‘predatory good bug’ to kill the bad bugs /pests.  The company already has several customers across the world and is promoting BioBee as nature’s way to improve the agriculture yield

Resonvate thought:
Problem which occur naturally can be addressed by looking at patterns that are available in nature.

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