Powershop:Making utilities exciting to customers

Customers for water, gas and power utilities are omnipresent and the utilities companies over the yePowershopars have been coming up with different innovation ideas to engage with customers to make a difference.
However customer experience in context of utilities is still not exciting as one could have in telcos or banks ; let’s accept the fact that utilities is still a necessity for customers and not many are really willing to get an engagement going with a utility company except when they have an issue in their supply or bill.

But there are companies today who don’t accept the de-facto position and are out there trying to disrupt the thinking.
One such company founded in NewZealand is using technology as disruption tool to  empower utility customers to take control off their electricity needs.
Powershop have positioned themselves as ‘online electricity supermarket’. Salient features for Powershop business model is :
– allow customers to purchase the electricity online based on their consumption needs
– provide different power bundles at different price points
– provide every day report on energy usage
– provide alerts if consumption increases
– provide complete transparent billing
– allow customers to use electricity consumption management as lever to mange household expense
Powershop using technology is really driving disrupin electricity retail market and very soon utilities could no more be a boring area for customers !

Resonvate thought

Powershop through its digitally born power retailing disrupts a traditional electric power industry.

I would like to ResonVate
with ideas on competing to succeed
which can be applied in new product deign, new service design
in areas like Financial services, Technology, Manufacturing



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