Product innovations inspired by unconventional sources

For years, several products have been designed by shapes and movements of animals (e.g cars) and patters of nature.But there are several product designs which continue to get inspired by unconventional sources like arts, weapons and more .

Inspiration from OrigamiSoarigami

For years, one of the challenges for the economy travelers has been the comfort around Elbow bars. Finally, there is a company (Soarigami) who took inspiration from the Japenese are of Origami and have come up with a innovative solution.

Inspiration from Boomerangs

The traditional weapon of Boomerang used by Australian aborigines have inspired several product Boom- Chair and Phonedesigners.
Some of the interesting designs which drew inspiration from Boomerang are phones and chairs.

Resonvate Thought:

Arts,Weapons,Song,Film sequences- the source of inspiration for a good design could come from anywhere !


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