Resonvate challenge

What is a Resonvate challenge?
Resonvate challenge is a format where anyone can post a challenge and leverage the Resonvate stories and the Resonvate scout ecosystem to get solution guidance.

What qualifies as a challenge in Resonvate?
Any problem or an opportunity area that needs ‘out of box’ solutions primarily fueled by domains and industries outside the problem/opportunity space.
Challenges can be in any functional area like marketing, HR, service delivery, product design, service design, brand communication etc.
We will not be taking challenges which are technical in nature (e.g improving battery storage, adjusting wind speed in rotors etc.).

Who can post a challenge?
Anyone registered in Resonvate can post a challenge.
To register yourself please visit

How to post a challenge?
Please email to We will get in touch with you to qualify and shape the challenge

How does the challenge session work?
Stage 1: Planning

Once the challenge is accepted and curated by the Resonvate team, the challenge will be circulated to the global Resonvate Scout network.
Limited number of scouts based on their interests and expertise will be nominated to be part of the challenge.

Stage 2: Briefing

Once the challenge team is finalised, the challenge team follows the following steps

  1. Understand – Read and familiarize with the Challenge brief
  2. Prepare- Identify 2 stories to ResonVate related to the challenges mentioned
    in the brief
  3. Participate- Participate in the ResonVate challenge call and talk about your stories

Stage 3: Challenge session

 The structure of the Resonvate challenge call is as follows:

  1. Challenge context setting
  2. 2 resonvate stories shared by each Scout
  3. Discussion on common themes based on the stories
  4. Wrap –up

Stage 4: Solution guidance

The outputs will be shaped up by the Resonvate team and presented back to the challenger.

What will the outputs be like?
Outputs can vary based on the nature of challenge, type of challenge (free /paid).

Check out the sample outputs below

How much does it cost to run a challenge?

Most of the Resonvate challenges are free. However, based on client needs, complexity and level of confidentiality involved certain challenges will be executed for a fee.

Once you reach out to us, we will be happy to engage and work out the approach with you.

Is Resonvate challenge similar to crowdsourcing?

Yes and No.

Yes, we leverage the power of scouts to identify solution ideas.

No, it is not open to whole community. The Scouts have diverse experience across industries and are more exclusive members of the Resonvate ecosystem.

Unlike other crowdsourcing initiatives, Resonvate focuses on coming up with solution guidance using Resonvate thinking –  cross-industry solutions  and ideas from different sources like arts, sports, history to provide solution ideas.