Boundaryless Thinking

Boundaryless Thinking (BLT) is a mindset that advocates usage of stories from diverse sources and cross-industry domains for strategy, business planning, problem solving and innovation.

In BLT, we define ‘story’ as an idea, concept, event, proven practice, or a literary piece that can be used as triggers to ideate, challenge and conceptualise solutions by stepping out of one’s comfort zone; quite simply thinking beyond boundaries.

ResonVate approach advocates boundaryless thinking combined with the unique human ability to connect the dots.
ResonVate platform is a growing collection of interesting stories and practical hacks, as we are convinced  that ‘thinking out of the box’  should be an art that can be practiced, rather than it being a  result of a ‘light bulb’ moment that strangely is supposed to happen when you have a shower :-).