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Kiwings launches Travelearning product offering

Dhwani Swaminarayan
Founder and Director, Kiwings

TraveLearning – Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn

“Learning is an experience, everything else is just an information” – Albert Einstein

Since the time of its inception, Kiwings, a learning solution provider, has strongly believed in delivering experiential learning to businesses. Learning happens the best and most effective when learner takes hand-on experience of it. Using the method of ‘Biscociation’ and Resonvate thinking, we could combine this philosophy of experiential learning with our passion of travelling and managed to innovate a new field of learning called “TraveLearning”.

TraveLearning is a new methodology of learning innovated by Kiwings where learners will travel to various places and learn about a particular field of expertise. It would be something similar to market research but with more fun and ending in to a concrete outcome developed and submitted by participants. For an example, to learn about International Design practices and processes, participants will visit few countries and cities with an expert, interact with few world renowned designers, learn about their processes and designs, visit various markets and at the end of the tour make a detailed report of their visit. This report, under the guidance of our expert can be converted in to a very good product design by participant adopting the best practices learnt in the tour. This learning methodology can be adopted in various fields of learning like Architecture, Indian Art and Craft, Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Bio-mimicry etc. It can be as small as one day local tour to as big as one month international tour.

Keeping the logistics in mind and with an objective of reaching out to all the seekers, Kiwings will also convert actual tours in to Virtual tours and make it available for online learners through VR-Virtual Reality equipments. TraveLearning will not only give hands on experience to learners but also broader their mind-sets, thinking processes, confidence, exposure and knowledge with lot of fun and enjoyment.