Taking cultural competency seriously

One of the most discussed topics in the workplace in this globalized world is diversity. While diversity had many facets- gender, ethnicity, nationality etc, the one area that is usually understated is the appreciation of different cultures.

Today,  most of the  large organizations either locally or globally are being made up of workforce from different nationalities and culture. However, there is very little done to build cultural awareness let alone treating it as core competency for its employees.

Special Broadcasting Services(SBS) one of Australia’s largest TV networks has taken the lead in developing a Cultural Competence Program(CCP) .

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2011) 28% of residents were born in another country and almost 50% have at least one parent born elsewhere.

The key objectives of SBS program:

  • Provide relevant training and information for organisations to manage cultural diversity internally and externally
  • Create competitive advantage for organisations operating in increasingly diverse marketplaces both locally and globally
  • Promote social cohesion through fostering a better understanding of diverse cultures

SBS provides these innovative training services to individuals and organizations and has taken the lead to build capabilities around a very important topic.

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Making understanding of culture as a key competency and differentiation for high performing teams

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