Trucker who came up with the best shipping innovation ever

Spirit of Boundaryless thinking is allowing oneself the permission to innovate and not being knocked down by the fear of not being an ‘expert.
A classic story in history is that of Malcolm McLeanwho changed the world of shipping with his innovation on using containers for shipping.What one could see as no-brainer, took lot of courage and connecting the dots.Malcolm had watched dock workers unloading goods from trucks and transferring them to ships, and marveled at the inefficiency of the process. “Wouldn’t it be great,” he asked himself, “if my trailer could simply be lifted up and placed on the ship?” In 1955, he gambled big on a container venture, buying two oil tankers and securing a bank loan to buy $42 million worth of docking, shipbuilding, and repair facilities. He refitted the ships and designed trailers to stack below or on the decks. And that was the beginning of containerised shipping.

Concept of containers are now used in modern software development where containers are used to move code and spin-up IT infrastructure on demand.

From trucks to ships to software – realize the power of boundaryless thinking.