Using advocacy to grow market share

Gaining market share in a crowded market place is never easy.
Companies across different categories tackle them differently using innovation in marketing, service, packaging, pricing etc.
But how about using advocacy as your strategy?
Yes, that is what the The Female Social Network (TFSN) did to tackle an interesting problem.

The problem: How to increase Pineapple consumption while there are so many other fruits like oranges,apple, grapes that is the first choice?

FNMS, looked at the problem differently and decided that celebrity endorsement or vanilla marketing campaigns will not make the cut.

They did the following:

1. Identify the key segment to target: They decided to target mums who pack lunch, breakfast and snack boxes for their kids
2.  Find advocates:  They further engaged with select group of mums, to convince them on the benefits of pineapple and used them to recommend it in their networks
3. Create advocacy through right message: The mums shared a simple story with their peers: replace oranges with pineapples at half-time during kids’ sport because the yellow fruit contains bromelain,an enzyme said to have anti-inflammatory properties and help with recovery. TFSN reports a million Australian mothers adopted the pineapples-at-half-time trend and sales spiked.

Few other producers have also combined this with interesting campaign videos.

ResonVate Thought
Using advocacy as means to grow market share for pineapple consumption.

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